Updates from Fall of 2015

It has been a productive fall for organizing student peace workers. As the year comes to a close, I wanted to write a brief update about our wonderful student organizers and their efforts. As our groups grow and student involvement increases, the peace movement gains valuable voices. With the swell of undergraduate, graduate, college, and high school student involvement,  MAPA has benefited from a new level of commitment and a new source for passion and ideas. Many students attended MAPA’s fall conference and it was certainly wonderful to witness their engagement.

Harvard Peace Action and Holy Cross Peace Action are both situated to receive full recognition at the beginning of the 2016 spring semester. Both chapters have been active with exciting events ranging from movie screenings to events featuring speakers such as Max Tegmark. Plans are in place to keep the momentum moving into the spring semester, starting with recognition and then moving on to outreach in Worcester, activism in Cambridge, and new educational events.

High school chapters are also well under way. Newton South is making steps towards recognition while MAPA has supported the efforts of a peace group at Newton North. In addition, MAPA is starting a high school student chapter that will not be affiliated with one particular high school; rather, this group will extend to any student in the greater Boston area who would like to become involved with the peace movement. We are looking for future peace leaders, whether they are only just learning about the movement or are already passionate about particular issues.

Finally, we have discovered a new student organizer at UMass Lowell and are excited to begin organizing efforts on campus. Many UMass Lowell students have attended MAPA events so we are confident that their passion means that this chapter will thrive.

Those are the fall updates! We are excited for spring and always looking for new interns and volunteers. If you are a student who would like to become more involved, or if you know of someone who should, please send me an email at caitlin@masspeaceaction.org

Wishing you peace in the new year,